Still from I Need You by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Submit to the Humour Section or Go To Hell

Hi, I’m Alan, the humour editor for HeadStuff, and I want you to submit something to HeadStuff’s humour section. Maybe you’re thinking that you’re not funny? I’ve got news for you: Extra Extra Read All About It, The Person Reading This Is Funny Enough To Submit To HeadStuff’s Humour Section.

The picture accompanying this article is a still from the video for I Need You by Tim McGraw feat, Faith Hill and I do need you dear, dearest reader. I need to know what funny things you have inside you.

I’m very easily amused. I like very silly things that don’t try too hard. Pop Culture things. Short story things as long as they remember they’re in the humour section not the literature section.

Maybe you’d like to talk about a show or a sketch or a comedian that you like? That would be amazing. Do that and send it to me. We like enthusiasm here. Snark has its place but it works best when it’s used as seasoning like a very angry and expensive salt.

fancy salt
Artist’s impression of some snark via

There are lots of websites that rank various bits of stuff and they’re very good at it so we’ll leave them to it. However, if you want to rank things that you’ve just made up on an arbitrary basis then do that and send it to me. I’d like that a lot.

Here are some things I don’t like. Sorry, but the only thing I hate more than rejection is having to reject people so if you’ve used the phrase SJW as an insult, we’re not the site for you. You won’t find sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, fatphobic, etc jokes here and I’m fine with that making me seem like a right-on try-hard. (If you have seen any jokes like that here, let me know).

That’s about it really! Thanks for reading. Send me funny things. You’re funny, I know you are. I can feel it in my bones. Even if it’s only an idea! We can work on it. There is greatness in you or at least a funny article on a website.

You can submit the things here or email me directly at [email protected]

Definitely do at least one of those things though.