The Honorary Hunzo | Greta Thunberg Embarrasses Irish Airlines

Greta Thunberg’s Solar Powered Yacht Reportedly Faster than Irish Airline’s Transatlantic Flights

It is estimated that the boat trip, undertaken by Greta Thunberg, to New York will be comparatively faster than the majority of flights offered by Irish airlines. In a recent Study carried out by the Irish Aviation Authority it was discovered that most Transatlantic Flight passengers experience numerous delays, and regular stop offs.

Statistics also highlight the direct correlation between the price of the duration of the journey. Similarly the quality of journey would also vastly improve if passengers were to travel via solar powered yacht to their destination. Within a sample group of over 100 passengers, the below feedback was proffered.

“My €20 Flight to New York was fine, but there was eight stop overs, the one in Azerbaijan was a real bummer. Unfortunately I only got two hours in New York”. 

There was a four hour delay for my flight to Knock, the Virgin Mary would walk to Dublin quicker from her shrine.”

The Curry gave me dysentery”

The jax was so blocked, we all shared a bucket”

Irish Airlines
An Irish flight on its way to New York via Timbuktu (probably)

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Meanwhile Greta Thunberg and her zero-emissions yacht sails effortlessly through the ocean, and the young teen enjoys the ocean air, and plentiful recyclable organic goodies.

However it is point-worthy to note a full crew will have to fly to New York to collect the boat, which will of course cause further emissions.

Furthermore it has been held that the the vehicle “harnesses the natural power of the ocean”, meaning (we assume) that shoals of endangered dolphins tug the yacht along via an advanced whipping system!

Greta has responded to the animal activists and other such vexatious busy bodies, in a recent press release.

What the hell else would Fungi be doing like? He’s a big motherfucker now“.

All of us here at HeadStuff wish her well.