The Honorary Hunzo | Still Damo

The Minister for Culture and Heritage Joesepha Madigan has recently approved of the insertion of an additional clause into the Ministries and Secretaries Act 1977. This amendment will be promulgated to secure funding for the creation of modern films which are reflective of modern Irish Culture. The process will also largely involve the adaptation and recreation of international renowned movies in light of our own cultural ethnicity.

“I fully believe that “Authentic Irish Films”, will boost the economy, as well as boosting Irish citizens’ own morale. We believe a fresh and modernised cultural interpretation is necessary.  I mean no offence to Roddy Doyle but there are only so many times one can watch “The Snapper”. 

–  Minister for culture and heritage Joesepha Madigan.

In light of their heightened pecuniary position, The Arts Council of Ireland, alongside the Irish Film Institute have begun a stringent advertising campaign to promote Irish culture and heritage. Prominent and prolific authors from across the globe have been invited to send scripts to be reviewed and potentially approved by the film board.  The appeal has received much media attention and thousands of responses.

Current Arts Council board member Helen Shaw has stated that the board has reached a consensus as to which script will be chosen and consequentially funded for production in 2020.

It was a real toughie… However New York Time Bestseller Lisa Genova has submitted an unforgettable script that we simply couldn’t refuse”. 

–  Arts Council Board member Helen Shaw.

Ms Genova, an American neuroscientist and prolific author, was one of the first author’s to rise to the challenge.  I simply had to apply! My great grandfather twice removed was Irish. Gaelic blood runs through my veins!” – Lisa Genova New York Times Bestseller. 

Ms Genova has submitted an Irish adaptation of her outstanding novel Still Alice. To give our readers some background, the novel revolves around the tragic tale of Harvard Professor Alice Howland and her battle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. With some careful tweaking Lisa has tailored this novel to suit an Irish audience and promote Irish culture on a global scale. The Script “Still Damo”, has all the makings for the creation of a captivating motion picture.

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The Irish Film Institute confirms that Still Damo, should be broadcasted in Dublin by August 31st 2020. A small descriptive excerpt has recently been released by the Arts Council, to promote the upcoming movie.

Referred to as the “Sheriff Street Scumbag” our renowned protagonist Damo is no stranger to hardship. Despite growing up in an impoverished part of the Liberties, and not seeing his Ma for donkey’s years, Damo still held on to hope.. He retained the ability to “have great craic” with the lads, get the ride off the girls, get a nice Council Gaff and be suckin diesel no matter what challenges he faced.

Until One Tuesday his life changed forever… He knew it was time to collect his welfare but where was his dole card?!

His Gaff, once a bustling market place for local dealers now remained silent.

His knuckledusters now gathered dust on the window pane..

He had not provided chips for his chiselers in days! What Kind of a Da was he?!

He went down to Doctor Hartigan one last time… And no not for his itchy nether regions, nor methadone maintenance…

Something a lot more serious was happening in his knopper, something no amount of cans with the lads would fix..

Still Damo: to be released 31st of August 2020

Critics have described the script as “Raw, visceral, poignant and simply unforgettable”. With ticket prices resting within the six euro range, and free cans provided, it’s guaranteed to be a savage night!