Tittererer’s Digest |101| feat. the Workman’s Comedy Club

Now what? Is one hundred digests all the world needs? Of course not. If we’re being honest it didn’t need any. But, like most things that happen in the world, you’re getting it anyway. So let’s get over the existential hiccup of this additional digit and get ready to: Laugh. Out. Loud.

1. Workman’s Comedy Club

The Workman’s Comedy Club is back! The monthly comedy cavalcade hosted by Ruth Hunter and Conor O’Toole was on hiatus during the Edinburgh Fringe and now it’s here to fill that Game of Thrones shaped hole in your hearts.

It’s on Sunday week, September 17th, at 8pm in the Vintage Room in the Workman’s. This month’s headline act is Eleanor Tiernan off RTÉ’s Irish Pictorial Weekly and the Panel. Other acts on the night include Giles Brody (of the Sunday Sermon podcast) and Andréa Farrell.

2. Martin Angolo at Electric Picnic


Martin Angolo was at this year’s Electric Picnic and decided to bring the experience to you, the public, through the medium of vlogging.

3. Maeve Higgins’s Enemy

Maeve Higgins - HeadStuff.org
image source

Maeve Higgins has penned an opinion piece for the New York Times where she lists the qualities of her ideal enemy and lands on the perfect candidate: Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller.

4. Game of the Black Stuff

It somehow got past all the Redditors and YouTubers out there, but keen-eyed comedian Colin Chadwick noticed some product placement in the recent season finale of Game of Thrones.

Before I Go…

I got you folks to watch One Man’s Trash last week and I’ve gone mad with power, so here’s that song about Captain Kirk climbing a mountain.

Main image via Workman’s Comedy Club