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Good afternoon. How’s the weather? That sun, still high in the sky? Yeah, it loves to do that in the afternoon. How’s your lunch settling there? I hope you got a chance to eat something; I find it vital to get me through until evening, especially when having a late dinner. If you are reading this at any other time of the day please disregard this entire introductory paragraph.

1. Dublin Podcast Festival

The inaugural Dublin Podcast Festival (brought to you by HeadStuff (this website)) starts next week. There are some big name podcasts showing up, including ones involving expletives and pornography. And it’s not going to be short on comedy. I’ve drafted a few picks for shows you need to check out.

An Irishman Abroad / Personality Bingo

Jarlath Regan’s renowned interview podcast joins Tom Moran’s gamified interview podcast in a double header. Jarlath’s guest will be serial eulogiser Roddy Doyle.

The show is on Friday 22 September at 19:30. Tickets available here.

The Alison Spittle Show / Juvenalia

Comedic sensation Alison Spittle’s podcast-based talk show will be sharing the stage in the Tivoli with former HeadStuff humour editors Alan Maguire and Ellen Tannam’s nostalgia-laden Juvenalia.

The show is on Friday 22 September at 19:30. Tickets available here.

Dubland / Reviewables

Suzanne Kane and PJ Gallagher’s topical podcast Dubland is appearing ahead of or possibly after Cian McGarrigle and Ed Sammon’s Reviewables, which will hopefully receive a good review from you.

The show is on Monday 25 September at 20:00. Tickets available here.

The Sunday Sermon

Father Declan Quigg’s TY-produced podcast is part of the All Day Pod Extravaganza. He will be taking to the stage in the Workman’s to berate you along with comedian Liam Nugent (I have been assured the gig will have security present).

The show is on Sunday 24 September at 13:15. Tickets available here.

2. The Ruth Hurts

The wonderful Ruth Hunter is back with another episode of her chat show. This week’s guest is Emma Doran and there’s an appearance from Julie Jay as well. I’m still not entirely sure of the format, but whatever it is I wholeheartedly believe it should replace the Late Late Show.

Ruth’s got a show, Science Idiot, at this year’s Dublin Fringe. It’s running next week and you should go to it.

3. Dreamgun Film Reads – Batman Begins

Dreamgun Live - HeadStuff.org
Batman Begins, live from Bello Bar (image source)

The Dreamgunners released another podcast this week: Batman Begins. Now, I know what you’re thinking: what’s there to make fun of in a dark and gritty Christopher Nolan adaptation of a superhero story where a billionaire thinks bats talk with deep voices and Cillian Murphy is really into burlap? I assure you, they do manage to find something in there.

4. Michelle

The brilliant Brilliant Shane Clifford is on the phone again, looking for a date.

Before I Go…

Neil Cicierega is no stranger to Tittererer’s Digest, but I really believe he, and art, peaked with this video.

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