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Good day, my friends. I have been struck down by illness. Reality has fallen away from me and the outside world is a distant memory. I now live on a four hour schedule, waiting for my next Lemsip. But humour will prevail.

1. Rick and Morty

The long-awaited third season of Rick and Morty comes to a conclusion next week and the internet is currently a veritable cornucopia of content related to the show.

Rick and Morty’s Worst Fans

The AV Club has an article about the awful, awful people who like Rick and Morty that have surfaced thanks to the new season of the show. Co-creator Dan Harmon has been pretty blunt while disavowing them, but the message has yet to be received.

Pop Culture Breakdown

Vice has a piece listing every pop culture reference from this season to date.

The Horrible Truth of the Truth Tortoise

Morty learned a horrible truth from looking into the eyes of the Truth Tortoise which kickstarted the “scenario 4” of Morty’s Mind Blowers last week. The truth has been revealed in the above video.

2. Paw Prints

This short from Donnacha O’Brien won best picture at this month’s Firehouse Film Contest. It’s the latest installment in the Bigger Cats Universe (BCU).

3. Jurassic Park Review Blog

You’ve probably seen videos like watching the first three Transformers movies at the same time and this review is along the same lines, except this time it’s reviewer Steve Harppe (Aidan Fitzmaurice) watching Jurassic Park alongside a video he accidentally recorded of his girlfriend dumping him.

Before I Go…

This is Sleepchat. Enjoy.

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