Tittererer’s Digest |105| feat. James Moran at Workman’s Comedy Club

A spooky greeting to you, my ghouls. The terrifyingly relentless passage of time has landed us right in the spookiest month of the calendar. This week’s digest has some spooky things and some not-so-spooky things. So sit back and enjoy a spooky reading of the content below.

1. Workman’s Comedy Club

The Workman’s Comedy Club is back next week Sunday October 15th in, erm, the Workman’s. This month’s headline act is James Moran, fresh from his Dublin Fringe show the Assassination of Pope Urban II. Other acts on the night include Davey Reilly and Lauren Kerr.

2. Papyrus

SNL have pulled off their best sketch since introducing the world to David S Pumpkins last year. Ryan Gosling (rightly) loses his mind over the typography in marketing material for Avatar.

3. The Harsh Regime of Sodor

Henry's Punishment - HeadStuff.org
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Thomas the Tank Engine is a cross-platform sensation but even I must admit that as a five year old I found it difficult to spot the authoritarian message presented in the books and tv show. This piece in the New Yorker sets out all the evidence though and it is compelling. (Aside: have you ever seen how big their island is? It’s fucking massive.)

4. Space Pig: The Movie Review

From last month’s Firehouse Film Contest comes a review video of Space Pig: The Movie from Diarmaid Hanly. His ten star rating system is one of the most fair I’ve seen to date.

Before I Go…

Remember all that stuff earlier about spookiness? And remember that last video by Diarmaid Hanly? Well this is both of those things and also really good as well. The Spooky Pumpkin is destined to become a stock Halloween character like the famous ghosts and vampires of yore.

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