Tittererer’s Digest |109| feat. Contests

Greetings reader. November is upon us. November was originally considered the ninth month of the year until somebody counted and realised there were twelve in total. November is a portmanteau of “novice member” as it was the last month of the year to learn how to drive. November has only thirty days but if it had another one it would be a holiday to rival both Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

1. Firehouse Film Contest

This Sunday November 5th at 7pm sees the latest iteration of the Firehouse Film Contest in A4 Sounds. Submissions are open until the day of the contest so get cracking on your own entry. I believe in you!

2. The Contest

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Speaking of contests, Vulture has published an oral history of one of Seinfeld’s most infamous episodes The Contest. The episode, which first aired in November 1992, birthed many a euphemism for not masturbating because that was basically illegal to talk about twenty five years ago.

3. We’ens

It may be November, as I have already mentioned, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t check out some primo spooky content courtesy of Diarmaid Hanly.

4. Dustin’s Horrible Secret

So, I may have mentioned that it’s November and that means that you probably should’ve finished up Stranger Things at this stage. Even if you haven’t though, this video is thankfully spoiler free.

Before I Go…

I remembered this existed while watching Thor Ragnarok and just want to make sure that you’ve seen it. November is as good a time as any.

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