Tittererer’s Digest |111| feat. Louis CK’s Sexual Misconduct

Hey … ugh.

1. Louis CK’s Sexual Misconduct

Last week years of rumours came to a head when the New York Times published the accounts of five women in front of whom Louis CK masturbated or asked to masturbate. CK admitted to his actions in a purported apology that did not use the word “sorry” but did use the word “dick” twice and mentioned people’s admiration of himself four times. He can truly get fucked.

There are some good pieces on the boys’ club that revered and protected CK for years and the toxic impact they have on comedy.

  • Comedian Laurie Kilmartin writes for the New York Times about being a women in CK’s world
  • Writer Lindy West writes for the New York Times approaches matters from outside the comedy world
  • Comedian Guy Branum writes for Vulture that the boys’ club needs to be torn down
  • Comedian Marcia Belsky writes for the New York Times (they’re on a roll) about the Catch 22 situation of being a woman in comedy

We now return you to your regular fun things.

2. Economan

The boom is back and that means that men telling us how money works are making their comeback. Giles Brody and Diarmuid O’Brien have brought us Economan and will continue to do so as this bubble grows and grows indefinitely.

3. The Mess Around

The Mess Around - HeadStuff.org
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Speaking of Giles Brody, he and Colin Chadwick will be hosting another edition of the Mess Around this Friday (ie tomorrow) at 8:30pm in the Workman’s. Acts on the night include Nick Elleray, Jim Elliott, Hannah Mamalis and Shifts.

4. Dreamgun: Titanic

The wonderful collective that is Dreamgun have released their latest film reads podcast: Titanic. If you listen to this on a packed bus strangers will think you’re laughing at them, but it’s worth that small humiliation. I assure you.

Before I Go…


The star of RTÉ2’s Nowhere Fast Alison Spittle appears alongside a dinosaur in this short, which is everyone’s dream really.

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