Tittererer’s Digest |112| feat. Al Porter’s Sexual Misconduct

Ugh… yeah, again. I know, right?

1. Al Porter’s Sexual Misconduct

It’s been reported in the last week that comedian Al Porter has allegedly groped a number of Irish comedians and members of the public. An alleged apology was issued by Porter and branded “horseshit” by his victims.

These allegations have led other people in Irish comedy to speak out against the widespread toxicity in the scene. Comedians Teresa Coyne and Niamh Marron shared a number of stories on Twitter and Facebook. I for one am glad the public at large is finally willing to discuss these issues and believe those speaking out. Hopefully we can start to change things.

Back to Titterererable material in 3, 2, …

2. The Ruth Hurts

Ruth Hunter’s take on the talk show that distills the format down to its very essence is back. In this episode she interviews Simon Mulholland, co-creator of Nowhere Fast and all around sound dude. Stephen Bradley is on hand once again to fill that Andy Richter shaped hole that plagues talk shows.

3. Boxworks Comedy

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Boxworks Comedy hits the city again. Waterford city that is. Next Thursday November 30th at 8pm. Acts include Davey Reilly, Hannah Mamalis, Oisín Hanlon and Linda Hayden. The whole evening will be brought to you both logistically and on-stage by Alan Maguire.

4. 2006 FA Cup Final (Commentary with Corrections)

The world of live sports broadcasting is no doubt as wild as we all imagine, but there’s always somebody making sure they get the details just right. Sometimes that person is the commentator and he’s not going to let the clock stop him from being correct.

Before I Go…

You’ve heard of wine snobs, coffee snobs, beer snobs. But Conor O’Toole has imagined a world for you with air snobs. Hop in!

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