Tittererer’s Digest |114| feat. Christmas Presents You Should Buy

Hello there. It’s December, which is a big deal from what I’ve read. I understand it’s like a sort of Halloween, but not spooky. There’s treats (known as “Christmas presents”), but no tricks. Little to nothing blows up. Honestly it seems like it doesn’t measure up, but people seem to like it so let’s roll with it.

1. Alison Spittle Live at Vicar Street

The amazing Alison Spittle (off the telly) is doing a night in Vicar Street on January 13th. She’ll be supported by Sofie Hagen and Ruth Hunter. This is a primo present for the tittererer in your life this holiday season so you should buy some tickets now.

2. Pubannaí


Martin Angolo presents a guide to the Irish pub as gaeilge. That’s the concept of the Irish pub rather than any specific pub.

3. Personal Space

Personal Space - HeadStuff.org
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What’s that? You need yet more Christmas presents? Well thankfully you can get your giftees tickets to Personal Space which runs from January 15th to 20th in Smock Alley. It features Stephen Colfer (Dreamgun), Peter McGann (Liam Nugent wrangler) and Hannah Mamalis (The Egg is a Lonely Hunter).

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