Tittererer’s Digest |116| feat. Julie Jay at Workman’s Comedy Club

Happy new year! Can you believe it’s [current year]? Seems like it was just [year I finished my education]! There’s been a holiday-related gap in digests for you to absorb but I’m back now. Times goes so fast, right? Next thing we know it’ll be [a few years after the coming apocalypse]. Anyway, how are the kids?

1. Julie Jay at Workman’s Comedy Club

The Workman’s Comedy Club is back next Sunday 21 January in the titular venue. Julie Jay is the headline act and she’ll be joined by Helen Bauer and Ronan Lindsky. Remember the Workman’s Comedy Club’s motto: work hard, comedy hard. (Note: this may not be a genuine motto; I did make it up.)

2. How to Break into TV


Alison Spittle, television superstar, has released footage of her previous pitches to the executives that control where our licence fee goes.

Speaking of Alison, she’s playing Vicar Street this Saturday 13 January with support from Sofie Hagen and Ruth Hunter. I expect to see you there.

3. Emergency Room

Sexy medical dramas are full of tense emergency surgeries brimming with the emotions of the characters’ personal conflicts. But you know what they never have? An awkward guy trying to help who’s really no use at all.

4. Another Guinness Ad

Diarmaid and Heber Hanly have entered that pantheon of legendary marketers by creating a Guinness ad. It’s up there with the man trying to impress his pint with a dance.

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