Tittererer’s Digest |119| feat. Ends Meet

Welcome to the Digest, comrades. I’d ramble more in this preamble, but I’ve got a new dog and I am now the sleepiest person on this fair isle. Dig in.

1. Ends Meet

Mark Baldwin’s animated series about three generations of Irish men just trying to get by, Ends Meet, is coming very soon to RTÉ. He had a friendly chat with HeadStuff last year. It’s airing on RTÉ 2 on Monday 12 February so tune in or do whatever the digital equivalent of that is.

Speaking of digital stuff, you can check out the original Ends Meet shorts on RTÉ Player.

2. Your Girlfriend’s Ex

LinceCraic is back with more sketchy goodness and a fabulous mustache. Your enjoyment of this one really depends on your… perspective.

3. Rent: the Movie


David Atkinson presents this year’s spookiest horror film: Rent the movie. Like all great horror this is based on a true story. Watch it now before the growing terror of the property market makes it seem quaint.

Before I Go…


It’s February. You know what that means. It’s time to watch precisely one ten-year-old sketch and call 911.

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