Tittererer’s Digest |120| feat. Stand Up for Ruthe

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1. Stand Up for Ruthe

Comedian and level 99 Twitter user Ruthe Phoenix was in a car accident with her family late last year. Her fellow comics have come together to for a benefit gig, Stand Up For Ruthe next Friday 16 February in the Axis Theatre, Ballymun. MC Eric Lalor will host acts including David O’Doherty, Alison Spittle and Colm O’Regan. Get your tickets here and then check the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarm.

2. Pulp Injection

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Peter McGann has taken some time off wrangling Liam Nugent to write and direct Pulp Injection, a pair of old-timey radio plays that pit Éamon de Valera against some Martians and an ex-spy against an old enemy. (Possibly another spy? Those types are always at each other’s throats.) Featuring performances from an all-star cast that includes Giles Brody and Tony Cantwell. The show is in Smock Alley next Friday 16 February. Get your tickets here and then show up on time and don’t interrupt the performance.

3. The Stark and Irrational Uncertainty of Existence

This film from Diarmaid Hanly will render you confused.

4. Childish Gambino – L-A-N-D-O

Demi Adejuyigbe somehow managed to get his hands on the new tie-in song for the upcoming Han Solo movie.

5. Halt and Catch Fire

Hire Paul F Tompkins for literally everything.

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