Tittererer’s Digest |121| feat. The One Man Variety Show

Welcome to another Digest. Rather than ramble on meaninglessly, I’m going to introduce Fán Alice O’Toole to all of you. I’m sure she’ll be providing you with Titterereresque material in no time.

1. The One Man Variety Show

Noted multi-instrument Mark Cantan is putting on a variety show with a singular choice of performer: himself. Posters explicitly promise mild stuntwork and the trailer above implicitly promises laughs. The show runs from February 21 to 24 at 8pm in the Pearse Centre. Tickets are on sale here.

2. Dreamgun: Die Hard

Is Die Hard a Lenten movie? Perhaps the answer can be found in this new Dreamgun Film Reads episode of their performance of Die Hard? No, it can’t. They recorded it before Christmas. But you should listen regardless of the nonsense I’ve written here.

3. Aidan Fitzmaurice Video CV

The job market is not great for the worker if CVs need to be submitted by video nowadays. Luckily I’ve no need for work. I’m shrewdly investing what little I have in these digests, which will earn me a fortune once I figure out how to classify them as a cryptocurrency.

Before I Go…

Yes, Pancake Tuesday was days ago but this is important information nonetheless. While you’re at it, have some more pancakes. You might find a good discount in the supermarché.

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