Tittererer’s Digest |124| feat. Deadline! for 2000 Fivers

How are things, my buds? Did you enjoy the holiday weekend? Drink a pint of the green stuff? Kiss the Naul stones? Parade about in your underwear with a Luke Skywalker action figure? These are the traditions that I treasure.

1. Deadline! for 2000 Fivers

Conor O’Toole is bringing his award winning interactive show Deadline! back for one night only. In aid of the 2000 Fivers fundraising campaign for A4 Sounds, the Spirit of Wit winner will be putting together another issue of the Dublin Correspondænt. You have the chance to join his staff in A4 Sounds itself on Saturday 14 April and help publish an entire newspaper that is already behind schedule! Tickets are available here and are extremely limited, so get clicking!

“O’Toole nails the fun stuff: the crackling energy of an absorbing team game, the miracles forged under pressure (“You, draw a satirical cartoon”) and the countless sly cheats we call professionalism.”

★★★★★ Peter Crawley, Irish Times

2. ZeitHeist

Fancy Vegas has another wonderful sketch for your consumption. Heist movies are gonna be the next big thing so I suggest you get in on the ground floor here and now before countless sequels, spinoffs and shared cinematic universes make you wish film as an art form never even existed.

3. The Alison Spittle Show

Do you like podcasts? Do you like laughing? Do you like Alison Spittle and/or her guests Richie Sadlier and Aoife Dooley? Yes? Fantastic! This event is tailor made for you in that case. This Monday 26 March at 8pm in the Workman’s you can attend the live recording of the latest episode of the Alison Spittle Show.

Tickets are available here.

4. How to Get a Mortgage in Ireland

Curved Comedy has output another great sketch for your enjoyment. The great thing about a relentless, ever-worsening housing crisis is the amount of different ways you can laugh at the fragile nature of your living situation.

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