Tittererer’s Digest |125| feat. The Decline of Ricky Gervais

Hello. They took my hour. They came and took it some time during the eleven hours I slept on Saturday night. I’m putting together a crew to get it back. We’ve got muscle, the tech guy, an acrobat for some reason, but you’re the key. To successfully pull off this time heist I need you to read and—this is crucial—enjoy the following humourous tidbits. The team is relying on you. Godspeed.

1. The Decline of Ricky Gervais

Writer and actor Ricky Gervais recently released a new stand-up special. The most discussed material from the show was his doubling down on a transphobic bit he’d done previously about Caitlyn Jenner. How did the co-creator of The Office become the bore who name-searches on Twitter to pick fights with people who find him abhorrent?

Brendan James asks a similar question in his piece for the Baffler. Meanwhile Ireland’s Carl Kinsella posits on Joe.ie that he has surpassed David Brent in awfulness.

2. Rejected Theme Song from Ready Player One

This song is several orders of magnitude better than Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. It is more entertaining, more thoughtfully put together and I wouldn’t be surprised if it took longer to create.

3. The Firehouse Film Contest

This month’s Firehouse Film Contest takes place in A4 Sounds this Sunday 1 April at 7pm. The theme for this month is “Some Sort of Crate”, which I wish I hadn’t misread at first as I wouldn’t have booked those flights to Crete. You can view previous entries to the contest, like the one embedded above, at firehousefilmcontest.com.

4. The Fear


Owen Colgan awakens and finds himself in a proverbial chess game with the fear itself.

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