Tittererer’s Digest |126| feat. Comedy for Repeal

Happy Easter, my budds. I hope the chocolate gods laid their kind eyes upon you over the weekend and subsequently laid their delicious eggs upon your countertops. I got a rare double yolk egg this year and I must say it made a great crepe. Just be sure to finish your egg haul before they hatch. Nobody needs that mess. Speaking of needs, you need to look at this stuff. It’s great.

1. Comedy for Repeal

Are you ready to laugh and, simultaneously, raise vital funds to aid in repealing the eight amendment? Excellent! You’ll want to get yourself to Hangar on Andrew’s Lane next Friday 13 April at 7pm for Alison Spittle & Friends – a Comedy Night for Repeal.

Hosted by Sharon Mannion, the “Friends” include Aoife Dooley, Emma Doran, Julie Jay, Ruth Hunter, Breda Larkin and Conor O’Toole, while the “Alison Spittle” is comprised entirely of Alison Spittle.

Tickets are available here and now. All proceeds go to Together for Yes.

2. Kirk Squad

Séamus Hanly is back with another one of his takes on Kirk, Spock, Chapel and the rest of the space gang. This episode won the technical prize at last week’s Firehouse Film Contest so rest assured this is medal-level quality. Set phasers to fun!

3. James Acaster: Repertoire

Funnyman and British human James Acaster has recently had a brand new four part stand-up show released by and on Netflix. It’s called Repertoire and, if the trailer is anything to go by, it does in fact feature James Acaster.

4. The Ruth Hurts

The Ruth Hurts. Number seven. Gareth Lyons. Plus others.

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