Tittererer’s Digest |127| feat. Workman’s Comedy Club

Good morning readers. I’ve no recent or upcoming holiday/event to which I can anchor this introductory paragraph. I’m free falling here. I tried pulling the emergency cord but I forgot to pack a backup paragraph.

1. Workman’s Comedy Club with Stephen Bradley

If you’re still itching for some comedy scratchings after tomorrow night’s Comedy for Repeal gig then you can partake in the pleasurable relief of the Workman’s Comedy Club on Sunday 15 April. Headliner Stephen Bradley sat down for an interview with Ruth Hunter earlier in the week. Other acts on the night Grace Mulvey, Kari Johnson, Diane O’Connor and Hannah Mamalis.

2. Field Agents

The wonderful people at Danger Farm have put together a short pilot for a show called Field Agents. This show is destined to be repeated on RTÉ on Saturday afternoons in the 1990s.

3. Arachnophilia

This event is either a precise reverse production of the 1990 Jeff Daniels killer spider movie Arachnophobia or it’s a playreading about a man who buys a spider, loses his girlfriend and also his mind. Either way Arachnophilia stars Aidan Fitzmaurice and it’s on this Saturday 14 April at 2.30pm in the New Theatre.

4. The 43 Departures of the Trump Administration

The unstoppably funny Demi Adejuyigbe has put together a short Animaniacs-style song listing all the people who have resigned from Trump’s White House (so far). It’s both educational and catchy.

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