Tittererer’s Digest |129| feat. The Mess Around

Hello. I’m ill. Please help.

1. The Mess Around

Dublin’s best and stupidest comedy night, The Mess Around, is back TONIGHT in the Workman’s at 8pm. Hosts Giles Brody and Colin Chadwick will be joined by guests Ruth Hunter, Hannah Mamalis and John Moynes for a show filled with sketches and jokes and the looming threat of Liam Nugent showing up uninvited.

2. Jim Jefferies and Repeal the 8th

Comedian Jim Jefferies travelled to our shares to talk about the fight to repeal the 8th amendment. He sits down with comedian and activist Tara Flynn and also fucks around with a fascist. It’s a great watch.

3. Dreamgun Willy Wonka

I’ve got a Double Dreamgun Deal for you today. Right now you can listen to their recent GoldenEye show, recorded live in the Sugar Club. You can also purchase tickets to their upcoming performance of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory here now. The show takes place on Tuesday 8 May at 8pm in Whelan’s.

4. Tea Advice with Shane Clifford


Shane Clifford has a brilliant life hack for you. Demo included.

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