Tittererer’s Digest |131| feat. Kilkenny Cat Laughs

Good day to you, readers. This week we talk about next month’s Kilkenny Cat Laughs and also there’s a bunch of videos on YouTube, none of which feature cats or Kilkenny but there are laughs.

1. Kilkenny Cat Laughs

Do you want to see Aisling Bea? David O’Doherty? Alison Spittle? Tony Cantwell? Aine Gallagher? James Acaster? Maeve Higgins? Chris Kent? Hannah Mamalis? Or how about those Dreamgun folks doing their own version of Back to the Future? Do you want to see all of that and more?

Right so, Kilkenny has this annual comedy festival called Cat Laughs on this June Bank Holiday weekend (May 31 – June 4). It’s in Kilkenny. That’s in Kilkenny. You can see their entire programme and book tickets on their website.

2. Mind Wipe

Chris & Jack are back with a follow up to their alien abduction sketch that sees the poor victim struggling with the scattered memories of his extraterrestrial encounter.

3. Welcome to Ireland

In the run up to the referendum to repeal the eighth amendment, this animated short imagines an honest warning women entering this country should receive on their approach into Dublin Airport.

4. The Good Things in Life


Shane Clifford has a video listicle about the good things in life, in case you’re in need of a cheering up

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