Tittererer’s Digest |134| feat. Neil Cicierega

Welcome, friends. Sea salt. Sea salt run. Run, salt, run. That’s my nightmare, anyway. And below you can watch Neil Cicierega clue you in on 50 more.

1. The 50 State Nightmares

Neil of all trades Neil Cicierega put in the hours, the work, the tears and such and has devised a comprehensive list of official state nightmares for every US state. Have a spooky June!

2. The Alison Spittle Show

Next week you’ll be able to catch the latest episode of the Alison Spittle Show at the Camden Backyard. Her guests are James Kavanagh and Bradley Brock (aka Neon Love). Doors are at 7pm and tickets can be purchased here, now.

3. Snake

This short from Aidan Fitzmaurice really captures that Usual Suspects moment when you find out the truth about that sound lad you spent all night chatting shit to at the party.

4. Bags Again


The man with not a normal name.

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