Tittererer’s Digest |135| feat. Kapowie Cabaret Hey-Yay!

Welcome back. As we approach the year’s mid-point I think we should all focus on our own mid-points: the human navel. Gaze thoroughly and, when you’re done, check out this week’s digest for a bit of a Hey-Yay!

1. Kapowie Cabaret Hey-Yay!

Comedy! Music! Other performances! Ruth O’Kelly Hunter is hosting Kapowie Cabaret Hey-Yay! in the Workman’s Club next Wednesday 20 June. Acts on the night include Cal Folger Day, Eat Your Book, Sarah Devereux, Áine Gallagher, James Moran, Conor O’Toole and Something Ferocious. It promises to be a pre-solstice hoot.

2. Body Swap

Chris & Jack, a couple of sketchy guys from that little region known as the USA, have put together the missing link in all body swap movies: the deep dive into the minutiae of the experience.

3. Skyrim: Very Special Edition

They put a joke in the video game! Indie game studio Bethesda hired none other than Keegan-Michael Key to star in this Skyrim-related skit.

4. Ghostbusters

A long overdue correction to a classic tune.

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