Tittererer’s Digest |136| feat. Firehouse Film Contest

Welcome to the Digest. We’ve got fun and games. I’d go on but that song is actually quite lewd. I’m doing us all a favour here. Enjoy the below videos.

1. Firehouse Film Contest

Dublin’s most creative night, the Firehouse Film Contest, returns to A4 Sounds once again on Sunday 1 July at 7pm. See some amazing shorts and also, hey, why not make and submit your own one. All entries are welcome. It’s easy. Even I did it and I can barely put together this Digest thing so I’m sure you’ll do better.

This month’s theme is Salt.

2. Between Two Ferns

I know what you’re thinking, “Another episode of the unbelievably frequent spoof chat show Between Two Ferns? How am I ever going to keep up with Zach Galifianakis’s prolific output?” Try to take a moment out of your busy schedule to give it a watch though, before the next episode is out. This one has the guy who played Jerry on Seinfeld.

3. Quantum Drunk


Speaking of both the Firehouse Film Contest and things that are on Funny or Die, have you seen Quantum Drunk? Danger Farm’s ode to the 1980s sci-fi procedural, which won the Judge’s Prize at the Firehouse Film Contest, has leapt to their front page this week.

4. How to Tell if You’re Watching Pornography or Not


Shane Clifford’s YouTube channel has slowly been turning into a treasure trove of handy advice and pro tips. Take this one on board.

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