Tittererer’s Digest |137| feat. Game Shows

Hello people. This week’s digest may have been affected by the current hot weather so remember to refrigerate it before use for three hours or until firm.

1. An Oral History of Black Jeopardy

Vulture has published an oral history of one of this era of SNL’s better recurring sketches, Black Jeopardy.

2. Wheel Of Fortune Answers

Have a look at this new amusing Twitter account. It gives the wrong answer to partially solved puzzles on Wheel of Fortune. Follow now before the account inevitably Milkshake Ducks.

3. Life in the Shadow of the Owl

Everyone and their owl knows Don Conroy, probably because he drew a picture of said owl. This short documentary tells the story of his relative Ron Conroy and his own experience with drawing owls.

Before I Go…

Game shows? SNL? Jeopardy? Fuck it, here’s that old Turd Ferguson sketch.

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