Tittererer’s Digest |138| feat. Edinburgh Previews

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1. Edinburgh Previews

Next week Smock Alley will see a rolling bill of bespoke comedy duos take to the Boys’ School stage to preview their shows for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. At 7.30pm each night from Sunday 8 July to Saturday 14 July you can catch shows from performers like Alison Spittle, Chris Kent, Davey Reilly, Fred Cooke, Hannah Mamalis and Joanne McNally. You can find the full lineup and tickets at this hyperlink.

2. Shane for President


Comedy man Shane Clifford has gained a taste for politics and thrown his hat into the ring against incumbent President of Ireland and universally liked man Michael D Higgins. Shane has an interesting platform and a slogan sure to resonate with the public.

3. Julysixth Park

Alright dino fans, tomorrow’s the big day. At least according to Chris & Jack. Star Wars won’t be the only movie with a date-themed holiday, even if it kills these guys.

4. Spared No Expense

Some people say that Jurassic Park is a perfect film. That Universal are mad to have greenlit four sequels. That Spielberg will never achieve such perfection again. It couldn’t possibly be improved. But Sick Triceratopz found a way.

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