Tittererer’s Digest |140| feat. Arden Myrin

Hello. The state has deemed it fit to have my sinuses sealed shut by means of a virus they had a fellow bus passenger infect me with. Don’t worry though, their forces will never silence me! No matter how dizzy I become.

1. Your Idea of Comedy Is My Idea of Creepy

Comedian and actress Arden Myrin wrote a great piece last week called Your Idea of Comedy Is My Idea of Creepy about the shitty men that befall women in comedy. It really hammers home a great point: ironic misogyny is indistinguishable from sincere misogyny.

2. Little Clown


A man finds a lovely gift for his step daughter.

3. Ranking The 2-Letter Scrabble Words By How Bullshit They Are

This is a fantastic piece from Ben McLeay aka Thomas Violence about those shitty two-letter words that get played by your so-called friends in Scrabble. Nobody knows more than a handful so don’t pretend you’re not referencing a list of them to get rid of some loser tiles. As a bonus, this article can function as such a list for you when you want to pull that bullshit.

4. The Evolution of Avatar 2’s Release Date

Sometimes it feels like James Cameron is holding off on his sequel to 2009’s Avatar until the next resurrection in 3D cinema’s unending loop of death and rebirth. Neil Cicierega investigates.

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