Tittererer’s Digest |141| feat. Vodafone Comedy Festival

Hello, chums. The summer is to never end. The humidity is so much that it feels like we’re inhabiting the underwater realm of Atlantis as seen in the trailer for Warner Bros’ Aquaman coming to theatres later this year. To see you through the mugginess I’ve prepared some comedy nuggets for you to chow down on, just like Jason Momoa’s Aquaman chows down on the action in the trailer for his first solo outing.

1. Vodafone Comedy Festival

The annual Iveagh Gardens based comedy festival starts tonight and runs until Sunday. There is a cornucopia of comics for you to choose from including Rhea Butcher, Rory Scovel, Fern Brady, Tara Flynn, Foil, Arms & Hog, Barry Murphy, Shane Clifford, Tony Cantwell, Erin McGathy, Laura Byrne, Stephen Bradley, Andrea Farrell, Davey Reilly, Colin Chadwick, James Moran, Ruth Hunter, Eleanor Tiernan, Justine Stafford, Aine Gallagher, Martin Angolo, Hannah Mamalis, Conor O’Toole *takes breath* and Dreamgun.

Pro-tip: if you’re in the venue for one of the shows, you can check out the Laughter Lab for additional free ha-has, like the Alison Spittle Show on Thursday at 7:30pm, the Comedy Cellar on Saturday at 9:45pm and the Workman’s Comedy Club on Sunday at 4:30pm.

2. Cooking with Jeff


Jeff Goldblum metaphorically ate himself years ago at this stage, so it seems fitting that he now has a cooking series on Funny or Die. It’s packed full of Jeff in full Goldblum.

3. The Good Place Bloopers

As we all know “bloopers” are named after silent film star Gary Bloop, who was famously cut from Gone With the Wind for his habit of humming throughout all of his scenes. These The Good Place season 2 bloopers don’t hold a candle to the footage of Bloop, but they’re alright.

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