Tittererer’s Digest |142| feat. Trial of the Centurys

Whatup! Remember Beverly Hills Teens? Remember?

1. Trial of the Centurys

Running in this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival, Trial of the Centurys sees fun-loving popstar twins Trevor and Elliot Century (AKA ‘Trelliot’) before a magistrate in a musical from the minds of Giles Brody (of The Sunday Sermon) and Bobby Aherne (of No Monster Club).

It stars Kevin McGahern (of Republic of Telly), Tony Cantwell (of Meanwhile in Clongowes) and Simon Mulholland (of the upcoming Simon Mulholland in Space). It runs from Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd of September. Tickets are available here.

2. Dingo Dango

Peer pressure. We’ve all been there. Someone says something you don’t understand. Everyone laughs, so you join in. They keep laughing, as do you. It’s been a minute and they haven’t stopped. You don’t know how much longer you can keep this up. Their pitch rises and rises. Somehow you match the ever increasing frequency. Your bodies begin to glow. Red at first, but getting brighter and hotter as the deafening laughter shatters the room around you. Your forms become incorporeal and one. You radiate and howl eternally, more powerful than the greatest celestial bodies. You hope the joke wasn’t racist.

3. Are Geese OP?

Fortnite is so two weeks ago. This is the hot new fad for the burgeoning gamer class: life itself!

4. Brooklyn Space Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming back on NBC. Patrick Stewart is coming back as Captain Picard. Celebrate with this crossover related to both of these intellectual properties.

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