Tittererer’s Digest #15 (feat. Chris O’Dowd)

Hello there. You may notice that this week’s Digest is a day late. This is because yesterday was my birthday and, in the vein of birthdays of my childhood, I was excused from homework. Yesterday, I realised that my birthday is the only reason I’m still on Facebook. People I hadn’t spoken to in weeks or months, folks from the depths of my past, all re-emerged to wish me the best. People I didn’t even know and had no idea I had even friended wished me happy birthday. It. Felt. Awesome. It was as if I was some sort of celebrity. I felt like Michael J. Fox. Anyway, enough about me and my slow inevitable shuffle towards death. On with the Digest!

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Clip of the Week                                                                                                                       

CotW was an easy pick this week. Father Daughter Ad is some positively timely and hilarious stuff from this week’s Saturday Night Live. Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) hosted and featured in this brilliant pre-recorded sketch, along with the peerless Taran Killam. Killam is just so good. More than a faint whiff of a young Will Ferrell off him. Along with Kate McKinnon, he’s fast becoming the centre of the entire show. For more Taran Killam brilliance, check out his turn as snarky old time critic Jebediah Atkinson and his achingly funny impression of Michael Cera.

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Honourable mention goes to On Cinema with Tim Heidecker.

Gig of the Week                                                                                                                         

Comedians Giles Brody and Colin Chadwick - headstuff.org

Giles Brody and Colin Chadwick are undoubtedly two of the funniest lunatics running around Dublin at the moment. Smart and super silly, would it too much to suggest that this pair are our generation’s Mark Doherty and Barry Murphy? No. No, it wouldn’t. For two nights this week in Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre, they’re presenting The Great Blimp Deception – a new collection of sketch comedy featuring “childish Nobel Prize winners, Frankenstein’s reformed monster, Kid Pope and the most ambitious blimp fraud of the century!” 

[youtube id=”klHq1rxetcc” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

The Great Blimp Deception – March 6th and 7th at 7.45pm in Smock Alley. Tickets available here.

On TV This Week                                                                                                                     

Chris O’Dowd’s warm and hilarious family comedy nostalgia-fest Moone Boy returns this week for a third series. There’s little to say about this show that hasn’t already been said. It’s just really rather quite good. It’s an expertly and lovingly scripted show with a first rate Irish cast. In fact, we haven’t seen this many funny and talented Irish faces working together on a UK television screen since the heady days of Fr. Ted. And while this show probably won’t end up being as adored and acclaimed as Ted, that’s no reason not to gobble it up gleefully now.

[youtube id=”V–PfMG6PBY” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

Moone Boy began last night and continues every Monday on SKY ONE  at 9pm.

Any Other Business                                                                                                                

– Rob Corddry’s quite brilliant Children’s Hospital is to finally return for a sixth season on Adult Swim. The trailer has drrr-opped! [See It Here]

– Quite frankly one of the best and most important comedy series of the last fifteen years, Parks and Recreation, came to an end last week after seven sensational seasons. Sidesplitter took a look back at how the show developed over the years. [Read More Here]

– Mark Watson has completed an amazing 27 hour long comedy show at London’s Pleasance Theatre. The epic gig featured a butt-load of special guests and raised £78,000 for Comic Relief. [Read More Here]

That’s your lot, palfriends. I’m off to endure 364 miserable days of Facebook.