Tittererer’s Digest #17 (feat. Inside No. 9)

The keener eyed few of you will have noticed that there wasn’t a Tittererer’s Digest last week. Strictly speaking, I’m not really supposed to say why I wasn’t available last week. But let’s just say that it certainly wasn’t because I was selected by Mi6 as the new actual real-life James Bond. They certainly don’t, every few years, choose a new actual James Bond in real life in the same way that they pick actors to play new fake James Bonds in the movies. I certainly didn’t spend the week at their HQ going through rigourous tests. I absolutely DIDN’T ace every single one of them and have them be all; ‘you’re the best James Bond we’ve ever had in real life. When can you start?’, only for me to say; ‘if I accept this position will I still have time to do my weekly comedy round-up column for Headstuff?’ and them to be all; ‘Probably not. There’ll be too much sex and adventure for that,’ and for me to say; ‘well I’m sorry then, my loyalty lies with my 23 readers.’ None of that happened. OK?!

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Clip of the Week                                                                                                                       

Clip of the Week this week comes from Broad City‘s season finale which aired in the States last week. The show has just finished its second series and in that time it has quickly become one of the, dare I say it, hottest comedies on US television. It stars and is created by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. The pair met taking improv classes at Upright Citizens Brigade and soon began shooting a low budget web series about fictionalised versions of themselves – two young jewish women living in New York. You should check it out. It quickly started getting a lot of love and attention and in 2013 it was turned into a fully fledged TV show by Comedy Central. UCB Queen Bee Amy Poehler is an executive producer on the show. This clip features SNL cast member Aidy Bryant and Late Night writer Conner O’Malley as a couple that Abbi and Ilana really didn’t want to bump into at a restaurant.

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Honourable mention to Hannah Horvath Joins the Late Night Writing Staff.

On TV This Week                                                                                                                      

This week sees the return of what was, in my humble opinion, one of the finest new British comedy TV shows of the last fifteen years – Inside No. 9You don’t get too many comedy anthology series these days. I don’t think commissioners have a huge amount of confidence in their audiences’ ability to grasp the concept of a different, disparate story each week. Which is silly, and a shame. I have fond memories of series like Coogan’s Run and Murder Most Horrid. But this one has gotten through and thrived, so hurrah!

If you haven’t seen series one, the basic pitch is that Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton (one half of the peerless League of Gentlemen) write and star in six individual half-hour tales – often themed around greed or some other grotesque human trait – the only kicker is that it all takes place in a ‘number nine’, usually a house, but sometimes a dressing room or a train carriage or the like. Seek out the masterful ‘Sardines‘, completely set in wardrobe, or the wordless opera ‘A Quiet Night In‘ from series one. It’s some of the most skilfully scripted brilliance I’ve seen in a very long time. Inside No. 9 begins on BBC TWO on Thursday March 26th at 9pm.

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Gig of the Week                                                                                                                         

Rubberbandits - photo source: TimeOut London
Rubberbandits – photo source: TimeOut London

Following a hugely successful run at London’s Soho Theatre, Rubberbandits bring their acclaimed Continental Fistfight show to Abbey Theatre in Dublin. Stone-cold classics like Dad’s Best Friend, Spoiling Ivan and FELLAS (featuring Gabriel Byrne) should all get an outing. The four nights are, of course, already sold out, so this mention will only serve to ensmugen the lucky few already in possession of a ticket and annoy the many without. You could try #TicketFairy, I suppose. The Peacock Stage, March 26-28 at 10pm.

Any Other Business                                                                                                                 

Two and a Half Men‘s Jon Cryer speaks candidly (and rather fascinatingly) to the Hollywood Reporter about Charlie Sheen’s “insane” exit from the show. [Read More Here]

– Mindy Project, The Onion and 30 Rock writer Lang Fisher wrote an extremely insightful blog post on BBC’s essential Writersroom website. [Read More Here]

– While at SXSW this week, the sensational Tig Notaro spoke to The Guardian. [Read More Here]

That’s your lot. Talk you next week. That is, of course, unless the CIA or the KGB don’t get wind of the impressive scores I certainly didn’t rack up last week. ;-|