Tittererer’s Digest #18 (feat. Good Neighbor)

Good day to you all and welcome to the Digest. I’m a little worse for wear today, following an endurance testing stag weekend for my pal Rory. I’m not saying it was boozy, but the activity chosen to take a break from all the drinking was a brewery tour. Anyway despite the very real threat of alcohol poisoning, it was good fun.

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So imagine this scenario; You’re part of a sketch comedy group. You meet at college and start playing little shows and making low budget online videos together. And you start to get noticed. People say you’re “really funny”. Your YouTube views sky rocket. Life is great. You’re having fun with your best friends. And then the producers of Saturday Night Live come along. You’re all super excited. It’s been all of your dreams to work for SNL since you were kids. BUT! Only one of you gets hired. GAH! You’re happy for your mate, of course, but you secretly hate his guts for getting picked over you. And of course you can’t say this out loud, you have to act all magnanimous and adult – but secretly you’re slowly filling with bile and bitter resentment. And it festers until you’re nothing more than a acrid shell of a human, rotting on the couch, cursing to no-one in particular and throwing your Big-Gulp at your mate’s face on the television screen. It’s pretty grim, right? Well luckily this ugly fate didn’t befall any of the four members of the wonderful Good NeighborFollowing the success of their viral videos, SNL recently took them all on. Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney were taken on as cast members, while Nick Rutherford and Dave McCary were hired as a writer and a segment director respectively. So basically they get to do exactly what they’ve been doing before but now it’s paid and gets seen by millions upon millions every week. How splendid! This week’s Clip of the Week comes from these lucky ducks and was featured on this week’s SNL (hosted by The Rock) – Kyle’s Trip to The Circus.

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Honourable mention to Bennett and Mooney’s commercial parody Brogaine.

Gig of the Week                                                                                                                         

Conor O'Toole and Alison Spittle - headstuff.org

It’s coming into that time of the year again, when nervous and desperate comedians, filled with self doubt and loathing, start putting on work-in-progress shows of new material that they’re trying to fine tune ahead of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. And very much so in that vein, this week’s Gig of the Week is tonight’s ‘Uh Yeah! Conor O’Toole & Alison Spittle’s 1st Edinburgh Previews’. Conor and Alison are two of the brightest young stars of Dublin’s very exciting comedy scene. And it is a scene. But not in a wanky way, just in a ‘something cool is happening’ sort of a way. Not only are they both highly innovative and hilarious, they’re both incredibly lovely people. So shift your arse over to Anseo (upstairs) for a couple of hours of lovely comedy. It’s also Conor’s 23rd (23rd!) birthday and I know all he wants as a gift is a room full of nice people to give him some kind (yet fair) reactions. Uh Yeah! 7:30pm, Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin. Tonight!

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That’s your lot. I’m off to count how many hours it’s been since I had my last Solpadeine and then have a conversation with myself about whether all that stuff on the back of medicine boxes are rules or guidelines. If you don’t hear from me again next Monday, they’re probably ‘rules’.