Tittererer's Digest #27 Featuring Mystery Show

Tittererer’s Digest #27 (feat. Mystery Show)

Hello, today I’d like to talk to you about the geography of the T-rex attack scene in Jurassic Park. I’ve probably seen Jurassic Park more than any other film, it’s my Star Wars. It’s generally acknowledged now that the geography of the T-Rex scene makes no sense. One minute there’s flat ground in the T-Rex paddock where the goat appears and shortly afterwards there’s a sheer drop where Tim gets stuck in a car. We know this now. We have the internet so we can talk about it and share our experiences. This was not the case when I was ten and watching Jurassic Park over and over on video. For years I carried the troublesome knowledge that my favourite film was flawed. Massively flawed. I wondered if anyone else could see what I saw. I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I guess my point is that the internet is good? That’s probably it. Here’s a Tittererer’s Digest.

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Clips Of The Week

Amy Schumer – The Trial Of Bill Cosby

If you’re like me (and I assume everyone is like me, I’m a raging egomaniac), you tend to wait until you’ve seen a video pop up multiple times on Twitter or Facebook or whatever secret thing the young people are using before you actually watch it. You rely on the wisdom of the crowd when deciding how to spend your precious YouTube minutes. This Amy Schumer clip has been all over the place this past week but maybe you just needed one more person to share it before you finally watched it? Well, here you go. It’s Amy Schumer being brilliant as always.

[youtube id=”1sq4gVZ4cBc” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Jamie Oliver Makes His Own Birthday Cake

Sometimes you just need to watch a short, silly video about Jamie Oliver making himself a birthday cake.

[youtube id=”mN7bfz-VlbU” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

The New Emojis Have A Meeting

And finally, a load of emojis sort through their feelings about the new emojis.

[youtube id=”OeF7eA5re4c” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Podcast Of The Week

Mystery Show

Did you love Serial but wish that the stakes were considerably lower? Like, so much lower that you didn’t have to deal with the ethical implications that many felt came with listening to Serial?  Well, here’s Mystery Show. the show’s website describes it (very mysteriously) as “A podcast where Starlee Kine solves mysteries.” but really it’s a spiritual successor to Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Kine’s investigative process relying as much on word association games as on good old detective work. In episode one (posted below), Kine is faced with the following mystery “Laura rents a video. When she tries to return it the next day, the video store is gone.”. Kine’s search for the truth asks us to consider time, loneliness, memory, and the lesser works of John Cusack. And it’s funny. Laugh out loud funny.

Mystery Show – Episode One – Video Store

Oral History Of The Week

The Making of the Wrigley’s Extra Ad Starring Ashton Kutcher: An Oral History

Oral History Of The Week isn’t a category we bust out often at the Tittererer’s Digest but this left us no choice. Amy O’Connor writes for the DailyEdge.ie but this week she took to Medium to publish this important work of pop cultural scholarship.

Read It Here

That’s it for this week. I think maybe the social media thing all the young people are using is called Yik Yak? I’ll check it out and get back to you. Bye