Tittererer’s Digest #36 (feat. Rich Fulcher)

Hello friends, August is a weirdly long month right? My birthday is August 1st (I know you forgot, it’s ok, we only met a few Digests ago, you can make it up to me next year), and that feels like ages ago but there are somehow still three weeks until September? I’m thirty-one now, I don’t talk about books or ideas anymore. I just talk about how this one month is unexpectedly long when the rest of my life is whooshing past at a terrifying speed. I thought I didn’t have much to show you in the Digest this week but it turns out I have four so let’s have a look at them shall we?

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1. Questionable Science with Rich Fulcher

Rich Fulcher from The Mighty Boosh and Snuff Box has managed to tap into some of that sweet Comedy Central money to make a four-part series where he tries to answer important questions like “What if Matthew McConaughney could fly?” and “What if sneezing were racist?”. Comedy nerds (all of you, nerds) will spot Todd and Vicky from Community and Steve Agee from the Sarah Silverman Program and New Girl as members of Fulcher’s unfocused group. I’m choosing to pretend to Todd and Vicky’s presence in a classroom makes this a Community spinoff. Keep the dream alive.

[youtube id=”IMJyWDGLXTo” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

2. Daily Life Hack with Carol Anne

A helpful video in which Carol Anne shows you how to unclog your JS-2 water filter. It’s unclear if this is a one off or the start of something bigger but I like it.

[youtube id=”1RbZTY9OSII” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

3. An Interview About Sitting Down

Vulture talks to Seth Meyers about his decision to deliver his opening monologue while sitting down instead of standing up. “How long can two people realistically talk about that for?” I hear you cry. The answer is “very long my friend. you won’t believe how long”. Read it here.

4. Some Cartoons That Didn’t Make It Into The New Yorker

Nate Waggoner of The-Tusk.com presents some cartoons he sent to the New Yorker and never heard back about. The New Yorker missed a trick because they are v. good. Look at them here.

Ok, that’s it. Enjoy those things. Eagle-eyed tittererers may have noticed that the header image for last week’s Tittererer’s Digest incorrectly stated that it was Tittererer’s Digest #32 when in fact it was Tittererer’s Digest #35. I apologise profusely. I was high on the fruit of an ancient tree/very tired.