Tittererer’s Digest #38 (feat. Demetri Martin)

The world is a horrible place right now; the global economy is doomed, Irish Water have your phone number and won’t stop texting like some creepy rando, and apparently the IRA are back? I just don’t know. I think the IRA are only back for a limited engagement until the general election like an 80s band everybody only kind of liked doing some summer festivals but still, they’re the IRA so…ANYWAY, the world is horrible, everything’s the worst but at least we can still laugh eh? Laugh our terrified heads off as the seas literally boil around us. Ok, they’re not literally boiling but they’re figuratively literally boiling. Which is bad! Maybe we should do something about that? Or we could watch Demetri Martin, Steve Martin (no relation), Mallory Ortberg, and Beauty Vloggers in this week’s Tittererer’s Digest.

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1. Demetri Martin – Live (At The Time)

[youtube id=”d_TsBCCz1CY” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Demetri Martin can create very long palindromes and write with both hands at the same time and draw and play guitar and he has excellent hair so it’s extremely lucky for us that he’s found some time to record a Netflix special. A very funny Netflix special. The trailer above doesn’t really do it justice. You know that thing that comedy ads in general do where they show a punchline and audience laughter without a setup? We’re supposed to think “listen to those people laughing! I gotta get me some of this!” but without the setup, it seems like the audience are easily amused and the standup is a bit meh. Basically, I was underwhelmed by that trailer but I watched Live (At The Time) anyway because Demetri Martin is great and it turns out that Live (At The Time) is great. So that’s great. Well done Demetri Martin, well done.

2. A Beginner’s Guide to Steve Martin’s Groundbreaking, Eclectic Career

I’ve never seen The Jerk. There, I said it. I know. And me a humour editor and everything. As I was reading this AV Club piece I realised that I’ve somehow managed to see most of Steve Martin’s lesser works and barely any of his classics. I’ve read Born Standing Up though and it’s excellent. So I’m not completely worthless. If you’re like me and you’re sick of bluffing about Steve Martin’s greatness read this super-thorough beginner’s guide here.

3. Two Pieces of The Toast

The Toast is excellent, Mallory Ortberg is amazing. Here are two things from The Toast that I enjoyed this week.

Can We Guess What You Would Have Died Of In The Early Modern Period Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Bible Verses Where The Word “Wicked” Has Been Replaced With “Problematic”

4. Every Beauty Vlogger Ever

[youtube id=”36jPIdNntcw” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

I’ll stop posting College Humor videos in Tittererer’s Digest when they stop doing at least one excellent video a week.

And we’re done. It’s a short one this week. It’s August. P.S. I haven’t seen Planes, Trains, & Automobiles either. Byeeeeeeee. 

Header Image via standup-sreda.ru