Tittererer’s Digest #46 (feat. Tara Flynn)

Tittererers! Hello! Once again it is very late and I am very tired as I write this Tittererer’s Digest because I’m a bad adult with no time management skills. I used to be on time for everything and go to bed at relatively sensible hours but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten worse and worse. I blame the patriarchy and twitter, which is one of the many arms of the patriarchy. I don’t have a ~load~ of stuff for you this week but I have ~good~ stuff and that’s all that matters. Here we go.

1. Tara Flynn – Country

Last week I interviewed Sarah Maria Griffin and Damon Blake about their Words With Teeth event at the Lingo Festival. You can read it here. I went along to the event on Sunday and it was excellent. All six of the pieces that were performed were really, really good (excellent reviewing right? I am a wordsmith). Tara Flynn put up her excellent and hilarious piece, Country, on her website for you all to see here. It’s not the same as watching her perform it but it’s as close as we can get in this imperfect world of ours. Tara Flynn’s new book Giving Out Yards: The Art of Complaint, Irish Style is launching today (21st October 2015) in the Gutter Bookshop in Dublin.

Also, watch out later in the week when we’ll have another of the pieces performed, North by Ceri Bevan, right here on HeadStuff.

2. Farts and Procreation

I’d been aware of Comedy Bang Bang for years but there were so many episodes that I knew that if I started listening to it, I’d have to start from the start and listen to all 300+ episodes because I’m a nerd and a completist. Then a couple of months ago, my friend Ellen (HAI ELLEN) told me that I had to listen to the Farts and Procreation episode. HAD TO. So I did and oh my god you guys. Go listen to it. It’s Scott Aukerman, Harris Wittels, Adam Scott, and Chelsea Peretti unspooling the stupidest story you’ll ever hear. Go Listen Now.

The reason why  I’m mentioning it in this round-up of this week’s comedy stuff is that Nathan Rabin wrote a great piece about exactly why Farts and Procreation is one of the funniest podcasts EVERRRR for Splitsider. Read it here

3. Mom Commerical

[youtube id=”w8KjZ7wKYUc” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

The less I tell you about this the better. It stars Cole Escola and I found it here on the AV Club but don’t read that article as it spoils the whole video.

4. FaceTime With Family

[youtube id=”nJFEnS4PUqc” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

A really impressively done and funny video by Vincent Moore and Matt Dennie.

5. The HeadStuff Live Podcast

Kevin McGahern and Andrea Farrell from Republic of Telly on a live recording of The HeadStuff Podcast - HeadStuff.org

Tuesday 27th October everyone. It’s my nephew’s birthday so I won’t be there but our glorious leader Alan Bennett will be there, Kevin McGahern will be there, Andrea Farrell will be there, we’ll be finally crowning our Lacomic Cup champion, and we’re recording a live podcast. Get yourself down to it and you could win prizes and be in the audience for a podcast. There are tons more details here

ok, goodbye, I need to get some sleep. I’m so tired. As tired as a centipede with wheels. That’s an excellent joke that I’ll reuse on twitter tomorrow. Byeeeeee.

Header image via irishtimes.com