Tittererer’s Digest #47 (feat. Catastrophe)

Hello hello, yes it’s me, star of Lovin’ Dublin’s world famous list of 14 Underappreciated Irish Twitter accounts. It’s been a whirlwind week but I’m not going to let fame go to my head. In completely unrelated news, this week’s digest features a small plug for something I’m involved in. I’ve never done that before and I’d be including it even if I wasn’t involved so let’s all just move on. This week we’ve got Catastrophe, Cardinal Burns, A scary story, Brody & Chadwick, Alison Spittle, and Conor O’Toole.

1. Catastrophe

Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan in Channel 4's Catastrophe - HeadStuff.org
Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan in Channel 4’s Catastrophe. via guardian.co.uk

OK, technically Catastrophe (Channel 4, Tuesday, 10PM) returned two days ago and therefore should have been in last week’s Tittererer’s Digest but I wanted to make sure it was still good before I gave it the TD hashtag symbol of approval. I’m not fancy enough to get advance copies of stuff so I had to watch it on the telly like the rest of you normies. Plus, Horgan & Delaney have made a really interesting story decision for series two that it wouldn’t be fair to spoil on you so let’s meet back here in six weeks once it’s all over and we’ll talk about it. Anyway, the important thing is, Catastrophe is back and it’s as real and funny and suddenly-upsetting-and-then-funny-again as ever.

2. The Scariest Story Ever Told

A scary story full of twists and surprises for Halloween by Colin Nissan for the New Yorker. Read it here.

3. The Constantly On Fire Variety Hour

[youtube id=”Nfxrlod_f5Q” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

We’re fans of the combined works of Brody, Chadwick, and O’Brien here at the ol’ T-Diggle (Tittererer’s Digest) and this is no exception.

4. Chat Show with Alison Spittle

Comedian Alison Spittle - HeadStuff.org
Alison Spittle having a laugh

HeadStuff contributor and former HeadStuff interviewee Alison Spittle is putting on a chat show with the aid of the Mess Around gang (Friday Oct 30th, 8PM, The Workman’s Club, Dublin). Alison will be interviewing Tara Flynn and Aidan Power and there’ll be music from No Monster Club. It’s very exciting to see someone attempt a US-style chat show where the host is a comedian rather than just someone who’s been with RTÉ for a while. It should be very good and there are probably some future bragging rights to be had by saying you were there at the beginning when Alison Spittle becomes the host of the Late Late Show. Why not read some further details here?

Disclaimer: I have written some bits and stuff for this but I would definitely be featuring this here even if I hadn’t.

5. World Of The Animal Kingdom – Reptiles

[youtube id=”PZ9cLB-E_UM” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Conor O’Toole presents important facts that you should know about reptiles.

6. Cardinal Burns – INZANE

[youtube id=”mGg4SiqezYs” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Cardinal Burns present a very accurate parody of the kind of Kickstarter where the people involved act like they’re doing you a favour by letting you give them money for their film/card game/USB teapot.

I was in a shop the other day and the guy behind the counter pretended that he didn’t recognise me from Lovin’ Dublin’s list of Underappreciated Irish Twitter Accounts. I know he knew me though. When you’re famous like me you can see the signs pretty easily. Byeee.