Tittererer’s Digest |55| feat. Mary Houlihan

Hello again, happy new year and all that. It’s been a while since we tittererered. Let me just pull the dust covers off everything in the Digest room. Ok so, to the north there is an exit marked Hilarity. To the south another exit marked Hilarity. To the east there is an exit marked Hilarity. To the west there is a goblin blocking your way. He has a mic and is doing observational standup about being a goblin. “Do you ever wake up in the morning and reach for your bucket of bird gizzards to wash your face but you’ve left it in your other cave? I’m always doing it! I’m mad me.” Let’s not go west. Instead let’s read this digest and then get on with our lives. We’ve got Mary Houlihan, Foil, Arms & Hog, Jonathan Sun, A Twitter thread for the ages, and of course, David Bowie.

1. Mary Houlihan – Learn To Paint! With Hot Mary

[youtube id=”TqQaujntpUI” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Mary Houlihan is a comedian, writer, actor, animator, and visual artist based in New York in AMERICA (!). She combines all five arrows in her quiver(?) to make one super-arrow(??) in Learn To Paint! With Hot Mary.

Bonus clip: Mary Houlihan as Stevie Nicks talking about Laverne & Shirley, a programme I only know about from that bit in Wayne’s World where they go to Milwaukee to see Alice Cooper.

[youtube id=”YIQbJifsgkg” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

2. Foil Arms And Hog – Sensocare Toothpaste

[youtube id=”M1IAbIuAn1c” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Your favs and mine, Foil Arms And Hog, are starting 2016 with a bang with this excellent parody of those creepy Sensodyne ads where it looks like a dentist is being filmed as part of a sting operation.

3. Potential New Twitter Features – Jonathan Sun

Jonathan Sun is the Very Famous Twitter Celebrity Jomny Sun so he’s ideally placed to suggest new Twitter features to the mysterious people of Twitter Inc. Will they listen? Definitely not but it’s worth a try. Read it here.

4. @HolySiaFurler – Writing Songs

More Twitter stuff now as @HolySiaFurler writes a load of songs for a load of people. Here are some of the best:

5. David Bowie on Extras

I’m completely ill-equipped to talk about David Bowie. Lots of other people have said lots of touching, insightful things so I won’t even try. But what I will say is that he was very good in Extras.

[dailymotion id=”xnleeu” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Ok, that wasn’t so bad. We’ve eased back into it. See you next week.

Main image via youtube.com