Tittererer’s Digest |60| feat. Eipic

Digest Numero Sixtyo. The big six oh. Three score of Digests. Christ, we’ve had a lot of laughs haven’t we? Not together obviously. I don’t watch from across the street while you’re reading this. The logistics alone would be impossible. The readership for Tittererer’s Digest numbers in the several so it would definitely be impossible to spy on you all at once. The mainstreaming of drone technology means that it could soon be in our reach though. I’ll see you soon. Until then, here’s Eipic, Mid-Morning Matters, Broad City, Fresh Meat, Brody & Chadwick, LinceCraic, and Foil Arms and Hog.

1. Eipic

Eipic (Thursday 10pm, TG4) is a new dramedy about five rural teenagers who take over their local abandoned post office and make music videos. Here are some reasons why it’s worth your time. It’s a 1916 show that’s about the spirit of 1916 rather than the historical facts. Don’t get me wrong, the facts are important and all the documentaries are worthwhile but it’s refreshing to see something that wonders how that revolutionary spirit manifests itself in 2016 in rural teenagers. Here’s another thing: it looks different to every other Irish comedy of the last five years. The current RTÉ house style for comedy is…not to my taste let’s say. Eipic is on TG4 and is being billed as a drama (more on that in a sec) so it seems to have a had a lot more freedom to experiment. The result is an adventurous blend of naturalistic real-life scenes and an approach to online life that’s halfway between The Matrix and House of Flying Daggers. A third thing: It’s funny. The “group of very different teens forced together by circumstance” aspect will be familiar to fans of Fresh Meat. Also, it reminds me of The Young Person’s Guide To Becoming A Rock Star, a 1998 Channel 4 series remembered only by me. Anyway, it’s adventurous and funny so give it a watch.

2. Fresh Meat

The Cast Of Fresh Meat - HeadStuff.org
The cast of Channel 4’s Fresh Meat. via shootgroup.com

Speaking of Fresh Meat, it’s back (Monday 10pm, Channel 4)  for a final series. The first three series were all excellent so this one almost certainly will be too. The great thing about Fresh Meat is that as well as being very, very funny, it also has at least one episode a series where all the simmering resentments explode and everybody shouts at each other and sulks and it’s not very funny at all. Exactly like when you were a house-sharing student.

3. Broad City

the cast of Broad City - HeadStuff.org
The extended cast of Broad City. via thelaughbutton.com

I love Broad City. You love Broad City. One of my friends doesn’t like Broad City but I can deal (hi Neasa). Pretty much everyone loves Broad City and it’s finally back. Not on Irish or UK television yet. A proper journalist would have contacted Comedy Central to find out when exactly it will be airing over here but I am not a proper journalist. While we’re all patiently waiting to watch season three of Broad City legally, have a read of this piece in The Atlantic which uses Broad City as a jumping off point to discuss the rise and maybe even dominance of platonic female romance in pop culture.

4. Mid-Morning Matters

Alan Partridge, the paradigm of Alans, is back as well (Tuesday 10pm, Sky Atlantic). Such a busy week! Mid-Morning Matters is quite interesting actually. Obviously it’s very funny but also it’s an extended experiment in limitation. It’s basically a Dogme comedy; two, maybe three, camera angles in total, one set, every episode concerning itself with the same time frame every day. Mostly though, it’s Steve Coogan and Tim Key starring as two men in a room. Ooh, and the whole series is on Sky Box Sets as well. So that’s nice. Watch the trailer here.

5. Party Political Terminator

[youtube id=”fDOCqtp7Zmk” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

by and with Giles Brody and Colin Chadwick
featuring Tom Rowley, Linda Hamilton & Michael Biehn

6. The Fourteenth Of February

[youtube id=”Jxof5CpWu0g” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

A sketch by LinceCraic that I didn’t see until after Valentine’s Day had passed but it’s still funny so here you go.

7. Matt Warehouse

[youtube id=”ORfOqRn3r4A” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Foil Arms and Hog do it again. “It” being “make a good sketch and put it on YouTube for me to watch”

All right, I’m stealing a horse and riding awkwardly out of here because I’ve never gone horseriding before. See you next week, hopefully on time.

Main image via TG4