Tittererer’s Digest |63| feat. Joe Pera

Hello, it’s been a while. First there was St. Patrick’s day so no Digest then. Then it was holy week and there’s never been a Digest on holy week, it just wouldn’t be right to titter while our lord was doing all those things for us that nobody asked him to do. This week’s Tittererer’s Digest nearly didn’t happen because of Joe Pera. You see, I was clicking around on the Internet looking for things to show and I found Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep. I’m not going to show it to you just yet for reasons that will become clear. I started watching Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep and I became too sleepy to finish the post.

Crash cut to today and I need to finish this post for you guys. So, I need to reopen the link to the Joe Pera video and I start getting sleepy again. I’m fighting through it though. For you, the reader. I don’t have a load for you this week tbh but let’s crack on regardless.

Great Minds with Dan Harmon: William Shakespeare

[youtube id=”LgbuXpgN9Dw” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Dan Harmon gets upset because William Shakespeare doesn’t like Community. I also get upset when people don’t like Community so I can relate

Two Things To Read

I Like All Types Of Music, And My Sense Of Humour Is So Random by Nate Dern in The New Yorker

CSI: Women Aren’t Funny by Kerreanna Dimauro


Juvenalia - HeadStuff.org
Juvenalia logo by Dee McDonnell

So as you may have heard, HeadStuff launched a couple of new podcasts this week; a music one presented by Dave Hanratty called NO ENCORE, and Juvenalia, hosted by me, Alan. “But Alan, isn’t it spelled Juvenilia?” you cry. Usually yes, Juvenilia is the art that we create when we’re young but Juvenalia is the art that makes us when we’re young. That’s what I said on the podcast anyway, the truth is that I misspelled Juvenilia when I pitched the idea and had to come up with an explanation. Anyway, the first two episodes are out. I think you’ll like them. There’s going to be a new episode on the second and last Thursday of every month so keep an eye out for those. So far we’ve had The Fifth Element and Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue. In the coming months we’ll have Beauty and the Beast, Ghostbusters, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Scream, Jurassic Park, Little Women, and some Point Horror and Babysitters Club books. All very exciting I’m sure you’ll agree. Also, we’re feuding with NO ENCORE. Pick your side. Our side has cosy chairs and fancy but not showy cakes. NO ENCORE has a single school chair and a dry piece of bread that you have to share. Choose Wisely.

Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep

And finally, here’s the Joe Pera video I was talking about. I left it until the end because I wanted to promote my podcast at you before you watched this lovely, funny, gentle, but most of all, sleepy, video. This is very good, I love it. Goodnight.

[youtube id=”trfHP5LHVNY” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]