Tittererer’s Digest |67| feat. Alison Spittle and Sofie Hagen

Hello, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been very busy with podcasts and choirs and sleeping and such. I’m sure you’ve been the same. It’s a busy time. The world could end soon? Maybe. It’s definitely a possibility. I wouldn’t be surprised anyway. But back to comedy, good old comedy. What do I have for you in this Tittererer’s Digest? Well, I have Alison Spittle and Sofie Hagen, The Vodafone Comedy Festival, People In My Head, a sketch from Dangerfarm, and Hardy Har Comedy Club.

1. Alison Spittle and Sofie Hagen LIVE

Alison Spittle and Sofie Hagen should be very familiar names to you. You know Alison Spittle from her stand-up, Republic Of Telly, radio appearances, HeadStuff articles, her podcast (The Alison Spittle Show), her Sky Comedy Short (more of that below), and just generally being a good person.

You know Sofie Hagen from her stand-up, TWO podcasts (The Guilty Feminist and Comedians Telling Stuff), winning the Best Newcomer Award at last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Russell Howard’s Stand-Up Central, and BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4. I haven’t met her, but I’m sure she’s a good person too.

Well, if you go to MVP in Dublin 8 at 19:30 on June 24th you can see a preview of their upcoming Edinburgh shows, Alison Spittle Discovers Hawaii and Sofie Hagen’s Shimmer Shatter.

Tickets are only €5. FIVE TINY EURO for two hours in the company of two of the most exciting comedians around. You should definitely, definitely go to this. Thank me later.

2. Sky Comedy Shorts

Speaking of Alison Spittle, as we just were, she’s one of six comedians who got to make a comedy short for Sky. If you think I’m a bit late with this news then you are CORRECT. They premiered at the Cat Laughs a couple of weeks ago. They’re good though. You should watch them if you have a Sky subscription. In addition to Alison, there are shorts by Al Porter, Katherine Ryan, Diet of Worms, Jason Byrne, and Seann Walsh. And there are people like Andrea Farrell, Fred Cooke, Pauline McLynn, Karl Spain, and Teresa Coyne in supporting roles. Well worth your time, in my opinion.

3. The Weekly General Meeting

The Weekly GM is back for season 2! Níal Conlan (Delorentos) and Shane Langan (Diet of Worms and former HeadStuff humour editor)’s delightful, eclectic show is happening TONIGHT 19:00, June 21st, at Tivoli Backstage. Guests include Juvenalia co-host Sarah Griffin, Dave Rudden, Edwin Sammon, Vicky Curtis, and Moira Brady. It’s one of the best nights in Dublin so go go go. Getcher tickets here and check out season 1 on iTunes.

4. People In My Head

People In My Head is a new podcast by Emmet O’Malley. Just the one episode so far but it’s a good’un and I hope he makes more.

5. Our Man In Panama

A new sketch by your fav and mine, Dangerfarm

[youtube id=”ISX2M-3BAW4″ align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Starring Donnacha O’Brien and Deirdre Sullivan
Written by Diarmuid O’Brien, Donnacha O’Brien, James McDonnell and Fionn Fitzmaurice
Colour grading by Conor OToole. Directed by James McDonnell

6. Hardy Har Comedy Club

This Thursday in the Harbour Bar in Bray there’s some comedy a-happening. But not just any comedy, FREE comedy. If you’re in Bray, go along. They’ve got Pat McDonnell, Ed Sammon, Stephen Ryan, Elaine Gallagher, and Reuben Poutch, all FREE.

7. Vodafone Comedy Festival

The lineup for the Vodafone Comedy Festival in Iveagh Gardens was announced while I was busy being bad at Tittererer’s Digests. I’ll do a deeper dive on it closer to the time, but for now, gaze in awe at the truly inspiring lineup here.

And that’s it. Will I manage two Digests in two weeks? Tune in next week to find out.