Tittererer’s Digest |71| feat. Werner Herzog

Hello everyone, I have big news. Big and good news. the humour section now has a co-editor. Yes, it’s not just me here in the coal mines of laffs anymore. I’m joined by your friend and mine Ellen Tannam. Ellen’s going to say things now.

Hi everyone – it’s Ellen typing this now. I’m going to be helping my hapless son Alan Maguire get his life together and only then will I even think about letting him take over the family business. I will be finding funny things and indeed, talking about them.

1. When someone new starts at work


Alan: Coincidentally, the absolute funniest thing on the internet this week is about a new person starting in work. I could watch this forever.

2. Alan Partridge: Nomad

Alan: My spirit Alanmal

3. Long Dark Twenties

Kelly Shatter and Liam Benson in Long Dark Twenties
Kelly Shatter and Liam Benson in Long Dark Twenties

Long Dark Twenties is a Dublin-based miniseries about two twentysomethings trying to sort their damned lives out. It stars Kelly Shatter and Luke Benson and was created by them and Kevin Handy. The first episode is here. The three episodes so far have been v good. v good indeed.

4. Werner Herzog Plays Video Games

[youtube id=”ydLqHFFIaJ8″ align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Hey look, it’s our old friends Aunties Geekeasy and they have a video for us.

5. Korn ASMR

[youtube id=”XnaGMeycj-I” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

When I was in transition year my friends liked Korn so I kind of pretended I did too but I really liked Travis. Luckily, now I’m an adult so I don’t have any friends and can like whatever I want. This is the Jonathan Davis doing ASMR video you didn’t realise was missing from your life.

The guitarists in Korn were called Head and Munky. The guitarist in Travis was called Andy.

6. The Most Hypnotic Vine Of All Time

Hi, this is Ellen again. Vine is a beautiful treasure trove of Good Internet Things and this particular one is probably some of the finest work I have ever seen in my Vine-watching career (Not A Real Job). Anyway, this kid called Luke loves Usher a lot. Me too, Luke.

Ok, that’s it for this week. Hope you liked one of the things. Byeeee

Main image via wikimedia