Tittererer’s Digest |77| feat. Maeve In America

Hello, It’s Alan. Tired as per usual. The HeadStuff Christmas Party was last Friday. It was v good. We had awards. I won Best Alan but you won’t see that reported in the lamestream media. Anyway, it’s properly December! That’s fun. What have we got for you today. Well, there’s Maeve In America, Joe Pera, The Earliest Show, Caroline O’Donoghue, and also whatever Ellen picks

1. Maeve In America

Maeve Higgins has been living in New York for a while now and Ireland’s a poorer place without her. She seems to be living the high life over there, hanging out with Amy Schumer and Jon Ronson and Neil DeGrasse Tyson and now she has a new podcast, Maeve In America. Unusually for a podcast by a comedian it’s not about two comedians sitting in a room making each other laugh (nothing wrong with that obvs, it;s just unusual). Instead, Higgins interviews other immigrants about their lives and hears from experts about historical aspects of immigration. It’s really good. I particularly like how she leaves in the bits where she exposes her blind spots and apologises. We could all do with being as open and undefensive when we forget our privilege as Maeve Higgins is here. Anyway, sincere bit over. #BringBackFancyVittles

2. Joe Pera Does An Awkward Interview

You might remember we featured Joe Pera a few digests ago when he talked us all to sleep. Well, he’s back and he’s a Christmas tree expert now. He has a special coming to Adult Swim tonight which we’ll hopefully have for you next week but for now there’s this. Joe Pera did a live interview with Detroit Fox 2 and well, an energy mismatch occurred. Joe Pera seems like a lovely man with lovely interests and I hope he does well. via Splitsider

[arve url=”http://up.anv.bz/latest/anvload.html?key=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” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

3. Corrections To My Christmas Newsletter

We don’t really do Christmas newsletters over here. Probably because everyone knows everyone’s business and nobody likes a boaster. Regardless, this is a very funny piece and you should read it. Read it here

4. The Earliest Show – Acceptance

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sPZsGoQ6-A” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

This is the last episode of The Earliest Show! I’m sad. But it’ll definitely be in our end of Best Of The Year thing this month because I love it. Ben Schwartz and Lauren Lapkus you guys. They’re v good. v v good.

5. Medium Leather Wrapped Stone

Medium Leather Wrapped Stone
It’s a medium leather wrapped stone you guys via Nordstrom

Yep, that’s a stone wrapped in leather and it’s sold out. Caroline O’Donoghue says everything that needs to be said about it over at The Pool

Hello palzos! It’s Ellen here. The Headstuff Christmas party was indeed a good time. I got a lovely set of fresh new pens, which has me delighted! Smooth, smooth ink. Nice. Ok, so here’s a couple of funny things.

6. The Deadspin Takedown of the Williams-Sonoma Christmas Catalogue

Drew Magary is SO FUNNY guys. Sadly, Gawker will never be the same again, but there are still glimmers of what it used to be hidden among the…ferns of the internet. Such as Deadspin’s the Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Christmas Catalog (that’s how the Yanks spell catalogue, ok).

Williams-Sonoma is a home furnishings and kitchenware website, for rich people who live in The Hamptons and aren’t ‘racist-racist’. The Christmas catalogue is consistently ridiculous and I am glad we have someone like Drew to rip the piss out of it, and silly rich people in turn.

Here he is talking about something called a Gingerbread Mug Topper, retailing at $14.95 for a pack of four. r2a1ueqsoxi720w9jygeStupid Gingerbread men for rich idiots. Image via Deadspin

“But why? Why would I want that? I’m trying to drink my hot chocolate here. I don’t want a gingerbread “folk” to come sliding around the rim to high-five my face. This isn’t the first time that Williams-Sonoma has tried to hawk edible mug toppers that are stale, useless, and overpriced.”

7. This Tweet Featuring A Pathetic Pig

I wish I could point out why this is so funny. All I can think of is umlauts. They are the funniest vowel quality indicators imo.

8. Lindy West’s Hate-Watch Of Love Actually

It’s almost three years exactly since the genius that is Lindy West published what I consider to be her magnum opus, ‘I Rewatched Love Actually And Am Here To Ruin It For All Of You’.

Here is my favourite part.

“Hugh Grant offers to have Natalie’s ex-boyfriend murdered for telling her that her thighs are too large—which is an especially adorable flirtation when you consider that he’s a major world leader whose office has historically colonized half the world and bombed and murdered countless actual human beings. BUT IT’S PRETTY FUNNY IN THIS CONTEXT BECAUSE HE WANTS TO GET SOME HOT SNATCH.”

Right so, see ya!
Main image via lisarichards.ie