Tittererer’s Digest |78| feat. Karaoke

Hello, it’s a solo TD this week as Ellen is busy doing Ellen things. I have some good lil bits for you though including some live shows you need to go to, An imagined date between two straight men, more The Earliest Show, John Mulaney, and Mary Houlihan’s Christmas Karaoke. Let’s dive in.

1. RAFFLE!! by James Moran

James Moran is a Dublin-based comedian, performer, and theatre-maker. RAFFLE!! is his first full-length show and its first Dublin performance is happening tonight (Dec 15th) at 7pm upstairs in the Lord Edward, Christchurch Place, Dublin. You can win actual prizes so that’s good and it promises to cross the boundaries of “art, craft, comedy, and theatre”.

I saw James Moran read a very funny piece about what it would be like if he hosted a talk show at the LINGO Festival last year. I enjoyed it so much that I bought his zine afterwards and that was funny too. He’s a funny man is what I’m saying. You should go see this.

2. An Evening With Liam Nugent

Alternatively you could go see Liam Nugent’s one-man show which is on in the International Bar in Dublin on Dec 15th and 16th at 7pm. I interviewed Liam this week and found it to be a harrowing experience and this show will no doubt be similarly harrowing. Liam will be telling some stories about his upbringing and doing a live reading of his sitcom pilot.

I’m loathe to break the spell even a little but I need to say that Liam Nugent is an amazing piece of character work. He’s genuinely unnerving, hilarious, and only beginning to excavate the deep, deep wells of darkness contained within him. I rave about him every chance I get. You should go to this.

3. Joe Rumrill, Steve Desiena, Mary Houlihan – Karaoke

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqpMozny8vg” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

[Edit] Ok so, I got this very wrong. This video appeared on Mary Houlihan’s YouTube page this week so I assumed that she’d written a Christmas song and lyrics but only put up a karaoke version of it so that we could all make our own Christmas melody. I liked it a lot. Turns out it’s an actual song by Joe To the World (And ALLIE!) called This Christmas Season and the version here was arranged by Steve Desiena. So basically what happened was I accidentally watched something some friends made for each other, placed my own meaning on it and then featured it here. I still like it though so it’s staying.

4. An Imagined Date Between Two Straight Men

This from The New Yorker, by  and , hit way too close to home on a variety of levels so I’m showing it to you. Now you can also feel that little prickle in the back of your skull that you get when you see your own cringe behaviours in someone else.

5. John Mulaney & Stephen Colbert Talk Catholicism

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxlwLr4b4E0″ align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

I’m gonna talk a lot more about John Mulaney and Stephen Colbert individually in our year end round-up next week but for now here’s a video of two very funny men reminiscing about Catholicism. Remember last year at the Vodafone Festival when John Mulaney heard LiveLine on the radio and then did a perfect two minutes about it in the middle of probably the greatest 25 minutes of comedy that whole tent had ever seen? Good times. John Mulaney you guys. via Splitsider

6. The Earliest Show – Extended Interviews

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxMYQ5RwHiI” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

HA! You thought I was finished posting Earliest Show videos but even though the story is finished we still have this, bits and storylines from the celebrity interviews that didn’t make the cut including Producer Mark singing themes, Jake Johnson being a bully, and lots of Ben Schwartz slouching and Lauren Lapkus being odd, just so very odd. Apparently there’s one more video left. I WONDER IF I’LL POST THAT TOO???

All right, get out of here. If I don’t see you before Christmas, Happy Christmas. 

Main image is a still from Karaoke by Mary Houlihan that I put the symbols “TD #78” over