Tittererer’s Digest |88| feat. Kilkenny Cat Laughs and Forbidden Fruit

Greetings folks. Summer has come and gone and come again. And that’s only as of the time of me writing this. You’re in luck though, because this week’s digest contains things to do in the nice weather and things to do on your computer if the weather has turned. Or not. If you want to stick with your device rain or shine I know how you feel.

1. Kilkenny Cat Laughs and Forbidden Fruit

It’s finally summer again and we’re going into a bank holiday weekend, which all adds up to festival city (or town in Kilkenny’s case).

The famous Kilkenny Cat Laughs festival runs from tonight through Monday. This year’s acts include Silicon Valley and Cloverfield‘s TJ Miller, podcaster extraordinaire Alison Spittle, known Scot Limmy and 8 Out of 10 Cats captain Aisling Bea.

If you’re Dublin bound for the weekend the Forbidden Fruit festival in Kilmainham features a comedy tent on Saturday and Sunday. MC’d by Andrew Stanley, acts for the weekend include Emma Doran (who recently appeared on the Alison Spittle Show), Davey Reilly (who recently appeared on Our Sexual History), Martin Angolo (who has appeared on Reviewables) and Laura Byrne (who has appeared on Personality Bingo).

2. Watch This with Claudia O’Doherty

Claudia O’Doherty, possibly the funniest person from the southern hemisphere, chose a list of her favourite YouTube videos for Team Coco, which is great because she’s basically doing my job for me and almost certainly doing it better. Her list includes an anti-smoking film made by some young Irish folks and maybe that’s what will finally put us on the map.

3. Eulogy for America

The New Yorker published an article by Megan Amram, person who’s good at Twitter and written for Parks & Rec and The Good Place. It’s great and also short enough to read at your bus stop, even assuming a disturbingly punctual service.

4. Alternative Election Night

Channel 4's Alternative Election Night
Image source

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the Brits are at it again. Voting that is! Channel 4 will be airing their Alternative Election Night next Thursday June 8th at 9pm. It is being hosted by the ever popular David Mitchell and the recently less popular Jeremy Paxman.

5. Simpsons Shitposting

Wired have an interesting profile on the Simpsons Shitposting Facebook group and the man behind it, Lucien Hughes. Along with the hugely popular group, Hughes has pioneered the genre of Simpsonwave (see the wonderful example above).

Before I Go…

This is the 88th edition of Tittererer’s Digest. The number 88’s best appearance was of course in the Back to the Future trilogy. The above video is both the stupidest and greatest tribute to that film series of which I’m aware.

Main image via YouTube