Tittererer’s Digest |90| feat. Great Tweets

Willkommen article readers. I’ve great news for you this week. It appears that, as I heard last week, Coca Cola really have introduced Cherry Coke Zero to the Irish market. I’m currently mapping its availability across Dublin. This is truly a great week. Also, here are some funny things you’ll enjoy.

1. 101 Canonical Tweets

Last week Mic published a list of the 101 best and most influential tweets. It’s a great look at the odd ecosystem that has evolved on Twitter, even if you’re not a user yourself. If you are a Twitter user you’ll be surprised to see that Milkshake Duck has only been with us for a year and you’ll probably be furious about all your favourites that didn’t make the list. For example:

2. Workman’s Comedy Club

Workman's Comedy Club with Andrea Farrell
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This Sunday June 18th in the Workman’s Club is yet another edition of the Workman’s Comedy Club. This month the show is being headlined by Andrea Farrell. Other performers on the night include Colin Chadwick and Pauline Shanahan. This will be a very funny night of comedy so if you are in or near Dublin you should go.

3. The Later Than Late Late Show

Ireland is severely lacking in the proper late night talk show department. Luckily we now have one episode of the Later Than Late Late Show, which instead of being hosted by a radio presenter or broadsheet columnist is hosted by Edwin Sammon, off Republic of Telly and Reviewables. Produced by Andrea Farrell (from the thing above this thing) it includes appearances from Hannah Mamalis, Sean Fitzgerald and disconcerting comedian Liam Nugent.

4. Dirty Dev

This is the music video Ireland has been crying out for. Gary Mackey (the world’s second most famous Robert Langdon author) crafted an ode to this nation’s most divisive political figure, Éamon de Valera aka Dirty Dev. Archive footage is understandably hard to come by, but it’s a masterpiece nonetheless.

Before I Go…

Adam West, portrayer of Batman and namesake of somebody I went to primary school with, passed away last weekend. To honour his legacy I recommend you ingest Lookwell, a 1991 pilot created by Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel. West plays an actor who believes he can solve crimes due to his television experience.

It’s questionable how many episodes you could wring out of the premise, but The Grinder got an entire season out of a very similar idea. (By the way you should definitely watch The Grinder.)

Main image via Mic