Tittererer’s Digest |91| feat. Dreamgun Film Reads

Hello one and all. I’ll assume one though, because it is very strange for multiple people to read the same article at the same thing. Perhaps you’re reading this aloud to somebody because of how much you enjoyed it. In that case your audience is the “one” to whom I am referring. That audience is almost definitely comprised of a single person, most likely a loved one who will put up with hearing about shit you found online. Anyway, here’s some funny stuff.

1. Dreamgun Film Reads: Batman Begins

You absolutely must go to see this show tomorrow (Friday) evening. Dreamgun have been running regular film reads for some time now. The idea is they take the script to a popular movie, heavily infuse it with jokes and such and perform it for a very lucky audience. I cannot overstate how much you’ll enjoy it.

I will be there but I promise I’ll leave you alone to have fun yourself. It’s on in Bello Bar, Portobello tomorrow, Friday June 23rd at 7pm.

2. Car Hitler

Pixar's Cars
image source

New York magazine have published a piece on the internet’s obsession with some of the dark implications of Pixar’s Cars universe. It was almost inevitable once the existence of World War II was hinted at that somebody had to ask does this imply a Car Hitler exists.

3. Prank Calling Customer Care


So, up front, these are ads for a white goods retailer, but they’re funny ads and that’s why we’re here after all. In a series of animated videos, customer support has been contacted by folks with quandaries like, say, a vacuum cleaner full of wasps or looking for a plug adapter for Cork. The full list of videos can be found on their Facebook page.

4. Edinburgh Previews at Theatre Upstairs

Edinburgh Previews at Theatre Upstairs
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The great thing about summer is getting to see some top notch comedians performing at bargain prices in the run up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Next week at Theatre Upstairs in Dublin there’s a series of previews from some great comedians: Joanne McNally, Davey Reilly, Eleanor Tiernan, Neil Delamere and Gearóid Farrelly of the Fascinated podcast. There’s a show every day at 7pm.

Before I Go…

I feel like maybe I didn’t convey to you how much you need to go see Dreamgun Film Reads tomorrow, so this is an original short of theirs called Gym Gravy about a man named Gym Gravy, a criminal mastermind who’s finally been nicked by the fuzz. Check out the rest of the stuff on their YouTube channel while you’re at it. Remember to keep an eye on the time and I’ll see you in Bello Bar (but leave you alone as previously discussed…).

Main image via Facebook