Tittererer’s Digest |93| feat. CNN

Hello there. There are some enjoyable things here, for you. I can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy them, but if I could I imagine I would be able to use such an ability to solve crimes or fight crime or commit crimes. Something crimey anyway.

1. CNN Responds to Trump’s Tweet

Yes, I know, Trump. Sorry. This video is good though. Australia’s SBS Viceland captured the response of CNN, the corporation incarnate, to the video tweeted by Trump of him pummelling the news network during a wrestling event. It was, as you might expect, unsettling for the logo-headed channel and its family.

2. Food


Martin Angolo makes it two weeks straight in the Digest with this new short. Despite feeling that advertisements are morally repugnant, Angolo was won over by the people who contacted him about this one.

3. Friends Ruined Comedy

Friends Ruined Comedy - HeadStuff.org
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Dazed has an interview with the person behind @Seinfeld2000, the Twitter account created to parody a different Seinfeld-related Twitter account. The interviewer and interviewee both hold some strong negative feelings about Friends, which you may or may not agree with, but it’s a good read.

4. Sins of the Flesh

Another recent entry from the Firehouse Film Contest by David Patrick Emery is a somewhat crude but very fun animation about a sentient flesh-eating virus attending yet another confession.

Before I Go…

It’s July, somehow. To celebrate the fact that Monday was July 3rd, here’s Jerry Seinfeld (the real one) talking about milk.

Main image via YouTube