Tittererer’s Digest |98| feat. the Alison Spittle Show

Welcome friends and strangers. Are you ready to laugh? If not, I can wait. Effortlessly, in fact. The nature of the medium means that we interact asynchronously, so I can write this now without bothering you and you can read it later without bothering me. The written word. Five stars.

1. The Alison Spittle Show at the Dublin Quays Festival

The wonderful Alison Spittle is hosting another live podcast recording this Sunday August 20th in the Workman’s Club. It’s part of this weekend’s inaugural Dublin Quays Festival.

This month’s guests are both comedians: the brilliant Shane Clifford of Facebook page fame and So You Think You’re Funny winner Aidan Comerford.

2. Dreamgun Film Reads Podcast

Dreamgun Film Reads - HeadStuff.org
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The Dreamgun Film Reads podcast have put out their latest episode: Terminator 2. It’s available from all good podcast merchants and sound clouds. (They also have a Patreon where you can get your hands on a reward-only episode: The Matrix.)

3. A Chat with Mimi Pond

The Simpsons Pilot - HeadStuff.org
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Jezebel recently published an interview with cartoonist and writer Mimi Pond. She is perhaps most well-known for writing the very first episode of the Simpsons, the only episode she ever wrote, the reasons for which she touches on in the interview.

4. Martin Crane’s Hideous Chair

Martin Crane's Chair - HeadStuff.org
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The New Statesman had a piece recently looking at Frasier through the lens of his father’s ugly recliner. It’s a good read but be prepared to succumb to your urge for a Frasier rewatch thereafter.

Before I Go…

Tittererer’s Digest 98. That’s in the 90s. Remember the 90s? That’s the segue. Here’s Don Cheadle as Captain Planet.

Main image via the Alison Spittle Show