Tittererer’s Digest |106| feat. Eleanor Tiernan

Good morning to you. You’re looking well. Don’t be concerned about how I know that, but understand that I do know it. This is no mere pleasantry. I’ll reiterate that you shouldn’t be concerned. You are looking well though. Anyway, enjoy this stuff.

1. Eleanor Tiernan at Whelan’s

Eleanor Tiernan is bringing her show People Pleaser to Whelan’s on Saturday 11 November. She brought the show to Edinburgh this year and talked to HeadStuff about it a few weeks back.

2. True Friendship

YouTube duo Chris & Jack are back and are this close to getting through an Indiana Jones style adventure.

3. Janet?

D'Arcy Carten - HeadStuff.org
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Actor and long-lost Higgins sibling D’Arcy Carten has been interviewed by GQ about The Good Place and her character Janet, the celestial AI tasked with helping the residents in their eternal bliss. Beware of spoilers for the first season (which you have watched already, right?)

4. Cartoon Sauce

Last weekend a multinational corporation ran a promotional event that wasn’t up to the standards of a lot of insufferable dweebs who enjoy Rick and Morty. Their tantrum was covered by a piece on Polygon, which points out why these fans may be missing the point of the joke that started this all in the first place.

Before I Go…

Nature documentaries are, in my opinion, overrated. Not these ones though. Conor O’Toole’s World of the Animal Kingdom will let you know what the real deal is with these NPCs of human civilization.

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